Latest Job Opportunity at Google – Canada

Company Overview

Google is an internet-related multinational American company. It is counted among the four big
technology companies, with Amazon, Apple, and Microsoft being the other three. It provides all
kinds of internet-based services from search engines to cloud computing to software and
hardware core. The company was founded by Larry Page and Sergery Brin in September 1998.
The company has witnessed massive growth and a chain of expansions in various domains
since then. It’s services are designed for increasing productivity as a whole. Google Docs,
sheets, slides, Gmail, Google calendar all are known examples of this. Besides the huge
company, is the most visited website in the world. So, naturally tremendous job
opportunities are present in the company. Let’s take a look at some of them.

Job Opportunities

Google as a company is a huge venture. To meet all its requirements and functionalities they
hire people from various domains. Basically everyone from mostly every domain can find a job
suitable for him at Google. The major ones being discussed here:

Engineering & Technology:

If you are a visionary and an emerging engineer you have
tremendous job opportunities in Google. Google has always been an engineering company
always ready to launch something new in the market. For this, they required bright igniting
minds and engineers. You can apply for various posts. Some of them being software engineers,
product managers, sales engineers, technical program managers, technical solutions, network
engineers, test engineers, data scientists, manufacturing engineers, privacy engineers.
Even if you have the good technical knowledge and wish to pursue technical writing as a career,
even that option is available.

Sales, Service & Support:

Sales, service, and support is yet another domain of working at
Google. Google is the best example of successful marketing. Client solutions and
product innovations are the backbones of the company. You can opt for this sector too. Some of
the various posts offered here are account manager, solutions consultant, program manager,
analyst, trainer, and many others. Now for these kinds of posts, you must have good technical
knowledge along with some management related exposure.


If you are a people person with qualifications, you can surely join one of the posts in
this category of Google jobs. The various posts offered in the category are recruiters, HR
business partners, analysts. You can even apply for posts under learning and education, strategy, and operations and even become a part of the administrative support.
The point is if you have the skills and the required qualifications and experience, you can easily
apply for these posts and get hired.

Salary Packages and Benefits

We can go on and on if we talk about the various posts offered by Google. The list seems
endless. You only need to meet the minimum required qualification, apply and if you have the
skills the post demands, you can surely be hired. Getting into a little detail about some of the
jobs. Here are some of the jobs with their salary packages and benefits associated with them.

Vacancies Available

Engineering Technology

TitleApply Here
Enterprise Application Modernization Technical Specialist, Google CloudView & Apply
Enterprise Data Technical Specialist, Google CloudView & Apply
Enterprise AI/ML Technical Specialist, Google CloudView & Apply
Technical Specialist, Infrastructure Modernization, Google CloudView & Apply
Cloud Infrastructure Engineer, Professional ServicesView & Apply
Enterprise Architect, Telco, Google CloudView & Apply

Sales, Service & Support

TittleApply Here
Enterprise Infrastructure Technical Specialist, Google CloudView & Apply
Technical Specialist, Infrastructure Modernization, Google CloudView & Apply
Technical Specialist, Application Modernization, Google CloudView & Apply
Enterprise Architect, Telco, Google CloudView & Apply