Latest Job Opportunities at New York Fries in Canada

New York Fries is a Canadian fast-food restaurant chain, which is a subsidiary of Recipe Unlimited. They are primarily famous for serving French fries, hot dogs, and poutine. New York Fries was once an independent chain of restaurants founded in the year 1984. Then in 2015, Recipe Unlimited bought the operational rights of this franchise.

Company Status

Today, New York Fries is an international brand. It is physically present in over 120 location just in Canada. As for foreign nations, they are in Bahrain, China, Egypt, Macao, Oman, Panama, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and United Arab Emirates. So, all this automatically creates a lot of job opportunities that one can cash in. The company headquarter, where most of its management and
corporate jobs are available, is in Brantford, Ontario, which is in Canada. However, all their retail outlets offer thousands of gigs all around.

Now, about the salary or wages, a New York Fries retail outlet employee gets $15 per hour on average, which is around $25,000 per year. Of course, this rate varies depending upon your physical location. Likewise, the additional benefits also vary depending on where you are. But most employee receives life and medical insurances. Perks include free meals, employee discounts, and adequate leaves.