Top 5 Data Entry Companies in Canada right now

If you are interested in expanding the Data Management business in Canada, we suggest looking towards some significant companies that we are listing now. There are several parameters based in that we have crafted the list of top 5 Data Entry companies in Canada right now.

1. Nimble

Nimble is one of the best Data Entry companies in the country right now. They are particularly good at Scanning services and, of course, data processing jobs. However, they are equally competent in Microfilm & Microfiche Conversions, Secure Hosting services, and services related to Accessibility Output. The company primarily serves clients in the Automotive and Accounting industries. However, they are also efficient in delivering services associated with Corporate, Education, Government, Healthcare, Insurance, Financial, Engineering, Library & Archives, Oil & Gas, and Transportation. As of now, around 250 employees work for Nimble, the rate they offer is roughly $25 per hour.

2. DRC

Founded in 1969, Data Repro Com Ltd. (DRC) is a top-notch company that offers wide-range Data Processing services. Document Imaging and Hosted Document Management are its primary services. On top of that, there are some other useful services that the company also delivers – Paper-to-Digital Conversion, Scanning, Storage & Active File Management, Microfilm-to-Digital Scanning, Migration Solutions, and Compliant Conversion Services. What is interesting is they are not industry-specific and offer services to whichever client they get. There are reports that around 10 people actually work for the company as its employees, and the average hourly charge is $25 per hour.

3. elan DataMakers

elan DataMakers is a British Columbia-based Data Processing company that claims that they provide reliable and accurate services. Data Entry is the company’s primary service alongside Data Capture, Data Conversion, Image Capture, Optical Character Recognition, Forms Recognition, Scanning Solutions, Document Management Solutions, Technical Expertise, and Project Management. They provide services to all those companies who seek its help. Sources confirmed that they charge $25 per hour for their service averagely.

4. ACI

ACI is an Ontario based Data Processing company that has excelled over 30 years of operations. They are one of the best companies in Canada that offer Accounts Payable Workflow Automation services. Other services include Accounts Receivable Workflow Automation, Digital Mailroom Workflow Automation, Hardcopy & Digital Document Capture & Processing, Expense Report Workflow Automation, Data Capture, and Cloud-Based Document Retrieval. The customer base of ACI is as diverse as its services and are not limited to any particular domain. Meanwhile, the company typically charges $25 per hour for its efficient service.

5. BPO Data Entry Help

The final company on our list is BPO Data Entry Help, which is undoubted, one of the best Canada has right now. Incorporated in 2013, the company quickly gained fame in the Data Processing industry. They charge $25 per hour for almost every service, including Data Entry, Data Conversion, and BPO services. Around 250 employees work for the company, more joining every day. Customers who are looking for typical telemarking are the company’s ideal clients.

The Conclusion

We want to conclude that there are tons of Data Entry companies in the country, and your list can be different from ours. However, the companies that we have mentioned are thriving, and most importantly, reliable.