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Are you looking for a career change, searching for jobs in a transport company, then, the Midland Express-Canada could be a great opportunity for you. Through our website. you can get your best option from various kinds of Jobs and you can make the most of your talent and skills. Where you are empowered to explore the endless opportunities available worldwide.

Now, Midland Express-Canada is hiring for many positions in Canada and we listed all. So, Grab this opportunity from the latest Midland Express-Canada Jobs. At Midland Express-Canada, you would be committed to providing the tools, guidance, and learning opportunities to get you where you want to go.

Company: Midland Express-Canada
Location: Canada
Position: Various
Job Type: Industrial Jobs


Midland Express-Canada had begun its operations in 1970 with six trucks, limited services, and a handful of workers. Midland Express was started in the middle land of Nova Scotia, the name “Midland” was also incorporated from the term ” middle land” Since then Midland Express-Canada has been working in the transport industry for 45 years.

Company Status:

Today, Midland Express has its headquarters located in Dieppe, New Brunswick. Midland Express-Canada has more than 1700 employees from both U.S. and Canada, working with it for now. Midland Express-Canada has earned an admirable reputation as a respectable carrier with a complete lineup of services.

Midland Express-Canada delivers superior quality service, in what they do and executing their strategy every day. Midland has the mission of becoming the best service in the market.

Pay Scale:

The pay scale provided by Midland Express-Canada to its employees ranges between $15 to $37 per hour depending on the designation/post, experience, and skills of the employees.


Other than salary, Midland Express-Canada provides many other benefits to its employees. Those benefits are been explained below:

Productive and energetic work environment:

Midland Express-Canada doesn’t let its employees do the same labor work every day, instead makes their employees do productive work which helps the organization to grow, by doing, these employees feel that they are the one who is making the organization work in a better way. This treatment is given to all other employees as well, by which employees get an energetic work environment.

Friendly atmosphere:

Junior employees of Midland Express-Canada have reviewed that they get a friendly atmosphere from their seniors, their seniors not let them feel that they are inferior to them, don’t give them bossy attitude, and also help them in their work.

Get a great job, when want to work at an alter company:

Experience at Midland Express-Canada gets a great value at other transportation companies as well. Due to which whenever a Midland Express employee wants to switch his/her job, he/she gets the best job available.

Learning opportunities:

Midland Express-Canada provides different learning opportunities to its employees by giving training giving educational facilities and learning facilities etc. Midland Express-Canada wants its employees to learn new things and learn everything.

Work-life balance:

Midland Express-Canada understands that its employees have a personal life as well, employees need a break from their work. To keep a proper work-life balance Midland Express- Canada provides many benefits to its employees like discount coupons of various places, free movie tickets, free weekend snacks, paid leaves, vacations, sick leaves, and many more.

Health and Wellness:

Midland Express-Canada understands that if it wants the employees to work properly, it is necessary for the employees to be healthy. For which Midland Express-Canada provides many health benefits to its employees like free yoga classes, health insurance, health benefits, and many more.

Other benefits:

Midland Express-Canada also provides many other benefits to its employees like financial benefits, pension plans, retirement plans, casual dressing, cell phone using, etc. Therefore, this was a detailed explanation for Midland Express-Canada.

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