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Canada post is a corporation which serves as the primary postal operator in Canada. The company was originally known as Royal Mail Canada which was changed to Canada Post in the 1960s. Delivery takes place in the traditional manner of door to door service. It is a hugee corporation with revenue about $7.88 billion. It has more than 6,200 post offices across canada. The corporation works with values of transformation, good customer relations, integrity, respect and safety. It is known as the present day Crown corporation of postal services. There are tremendous job opportunities in the corporation.

Job Benefits

When it comes to job benefits, the corporation Canada Post keeps good care of the employees. They are committed to the welfare of their employees and take into consideration all that is necessary for their healthy working. Apart from health benefits, the company also provides their employees with a suitable and healthy working environment. Here you can apply for several job posts from delivery agent to post office assistant to rural and suburban mail carrier to postal clerk to even manager. Some of the job benefits associated with working in Canada Post are as follows:

Extended Health Care plan

It covers about 80% of reimbursement of the prescription drug expenses in Canada. Other sectors where 80% of the cost is paid by the government are Osteopath and Podiatrist/Chiropodist, Acupuncture, Psychologist, Physiotherapist, Ambulance , Home nursing care, Breathing Equipment, Prosthetic Equipment and many more. In case of
accidental cases 100% is covered.

Dental Care plan

For this plan annual deduction from pay is $50 for single and $80 for family. The basic services provided under the plan are upto 80% reimbursement in case of examinations, polishing, scaling and fluoride, root planing, periodontal appliance, removal of teeth, treatment of fractures, remedies to relieve dental pain and others. Under orthodontic, upto 50% of a lifetime max of $2,000 per person is allowed.

Vacation and Leaves

You are granted 3 weeks of holidays up to 7 years of working, for 7-14 years of working 4 weeks, 14-21 years of working 5 weeks and 6 weeks for 21-28 years. For 28+ years it becomes 7 weeks.

Employee Assistance Program

This is a confidential, short term counselling program which can be availed by the employees and their family members. With this program you can get legal advice, health coaching, family support services at zero cost. In this the Canada Post pays 100% of all the expenditure.

Defined Benefit component of the CPC Registered Pension Plan

If you are working for 12 hour per week in Canada post then, you become eligible for the Canada pension plan. The pension that is given after retirement is based and calculated using a preset formula. The plan is generated with the contribution of both the employee and canada post.

British Columbia Medical Services Plan (MSP) Premium

The plan is applicable to BC residents only. In this plan the employee pays 30% and the rest is borne by the company. So, these were a few job benefits that you will surely enjoy if you are an employee of the Canada post.

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