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The Jim Pattison Group, first of all, is a conglomerate based Vancouver, BC. They are one of the few multi-threaded companies in the country. They are into media entertainment, automobiles, grocery chains, print distributions, food packaging, advertising, real estate, fishing & forestry, financial services, and many more. As of now, it is the 2nd largest firm in Canada, which speaks its volume. Jim Pattison Group is still a private limited company with an estimated revenue of 10.1 billion.

It has its existence in the US, Asia, Mexico, Australia, and parts in Australia. There are 25 separate divisions of their overall operations and has more than 45,000 working employees all around the world. Therefore, it is not a secret that there are tons of job opportunities that you can obtain here in Canada. So, in this article, we will discuss some of the lucrative job roles that the Jim Pattison Group is offering. Of course, we will also mention how much salary they get every year and what are the typical benefits they get prior to their remuneration.

Salary & Benefits

It is almost impossible to mention job roles for all 25 divisions, which is currently in operations for the Jim Pattison Group. So, we have handpicked only a few crucial personnel to give you a slight bit of idea about the pay scale this large company is offering.

  • Lot Attendance: A Lot Attendance working in Jim Pattison earns around $12 per hour. Now, that means he gets approximately $25,000 per year averagely.
  • Senior Accountant: A Jim Pattison Senior Accountant receives a yearly remuneration of $74,000 on average. Additionally, there are reports that they also get an average of $4,500 per year as Cash Bonus.
  • Business Analyst: The Business Analysts who are working in the Jim Pattison Group averagely receives a yearly salary of $82,500. Prior to that, we don’t have any other report on other cash benefits.
  • Master Control Operator & Production: People who are working in Master Control Operator and Production of the Jim Pattison Group gets an average of $39,500 per annum as their salary. We don’t have any further info on other cash benefits.
  • News Anchor: On average, a News Anchor working in the Jim Pattison Group receives around $28,500 per year as their salary.

Now, let us talk about all the additional benefits that the Jim Pattison Group actually provides. One thing that you must understand is that not all the employees are entitled to receive all the benefits. However, it is okay to say that most of them do get.

The first thing that most employees are not satisfied with is the Insurance plans. Yes, they do offer some, but that is not just good enough, according to most employees. The same thing applies to Financial & Retirement plans, as there is nothing significant to mention here.

They do offer standard Maternity and Paternity Leaves. Still, other than that, again, this is not the best segment to discuss. There are decent Perks like Employee Discounts and Free Meals to the selected set of employees as well.

The Conclusion

To conclude, we would like to say that the Jim Pattison Group is a massive company, with tons of job opportunities for every age group. The additional benefits are debatable, but the pay scale is pretty reasonable.

How to Apply

Interested and eligible candidates are requested to upload their resume by online method through the link given below.

Suite 1800 – 1067 West Cordova St.
Vancouver, BC V6C 1C7

Tel 604.688.6764
Email [email protected]

Click here to upload your resume: Link


Please note: They only send emails from addresses. Beyond a resume, they will never ask for any of your personal information including passport, utility bill, credit information, processing fees, etc.

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