Latest Job Opportunities at Domino’s Pizza- Canada

Domino’s Pizza is a world-class chain of restaurants originally from Michigan, USA. Established in 1960, this franchise is renowned for delicious pizza, pasta, desserts, and a wide variety of sandwiches & burgers. Almost every country in the world has its outlet opened now, and roughly 300,000 employees work for them. Here is Canada, reports are suggesting 520 outlets as of 2019.

Company Status

To operate 520 restaurants, the company will need a fair number of employees too. That automatically opens the door for numerous job opportunities, especially if you are young and willing to work extra shifts. Since Domino’s core management team is in the US, you will not get plenty of office jobs. However, the retail units are open to every inhabitant. Meanwhile, the average pay in Domino’s Canada is $15.57 per hour, which rounds up to approximately $30,000 per annum. Experts believe the pay scale is below par. In fact, it is more or less 19% lesser than the National Average pay.

Prior to some general insurance plans, there are several perk benefits that most of the employees working in Domino’s Canada receive. The likes of paid holidays, free meals & beverages, flexible shifts, employee discounts, mobile network subscriptions, and some more.