Latest Job Opportunities at Dairy Queen – Canada

Dairy Queen is primarily an American retail chain of Ice-cream parlours. The company sells soft serves, fast foods, ice creams, milkshakes, sundaes, hamburgers, hot dogs, chicken, French fries, soft drinks, and salads. The company is first opened its business in 1940, and its current headquarter is in Edina, Minnesota. They are a worldwide business, spread across 6,800 locations, and earns around US$3.64 billion every year.

Company Status

Since the corporate offices are in the US, the chances of getting any managerial job in Canada would be difficult. However, there are several retail outlets available in the country and more opening soon. That opens up numerous job opportunities all around Canada. Now, the average pay scale of an employee working in Dairy Queen is $17. So, that makes around $28,000 as a yearly salary package. Additionally, a specific segment of employees receives cash bonuses and tips as well. Apart from that, the company also take care of its employees via some additional benefits. Most employees are covered with standard life and medical insurance plans. On top of that, there are
facilities like maternity leaves, vacations, and time-offs. And, there are perks as well like free meals and employee discounts.

Available Vacancies 

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