Latest Job Opportunities at Cinnabon – Canada

Cinnabon is primarily an American chain of restaurants famous for baked goods such as Cinnamon rolls, Coffee, Churros, and Milkshakes. The store officially opened in 1985 in Seattle. However, it was taken over by two parent companies. First, it was AFC Enterprises, whose tenure was from 1998 – 2004. Then, it was overtaken by Focus Brands in 2004, and to date, they own this franchise.

Company Status

There are over 5,000 stores of Cinnabon spread all across the US. They typically operate as a store and as kiosks, which one can easily find in malls, airports and rest stops. Cinnabon is also an international brand that operates in over 48 countries and owns around 1,200 bakeries worldwide. The headquarter is in Sandy Springs, Georgia, which is where you can look for any corporate job opportunity. Other than that, you can try the hundreds of stores & kiosks, as well as the bakeries where they manufacture goods.

Salary is one of the most critical discussions. An average pay scale of an employee working in Cinnabon is $15 per hour. If you do the math, that comes around $25,000 per year. Also, there are insurance plans, retirement plans, free meals, employee discounts, and many more lucrative perks that they offer.