Job Opportunities at Mary Brown’s – Canada

Mary Brown’s Chicken & Taters, or more casually known as Mary Brown’s, is one of the most beloved chains of restaurants in Canada. The first outlet opened in the year 1969 and since then it has been a wonderful place for the local residents. Roughly 160 Mary Brown’s outlets are connecting both the east and west coasts of the country.

Company Status

Mary Brown’s headquarter is located in Markham, Ontario. That is precisely where you will get all the corporate and managerial jobs. Approximately 2,100 employees currently work for Mary Brown’s, and more openings will be available soon. So, if you are in the age group between 18 – 30, it would be ideal for you to get a job in any retail outlet. The salary package is decent in mostly. The average pay scale is $17.5 per hour, which comes down to around $28,000 annually. Of course, it varies between the job role that you are assigned to.

There are some additional benefits that most of the employees do receive. Reports of standard insurance packages are there for most employees, along with some lucrative perk benefits like free meals, vacations, and time-offs, employee discounts, flexible shifts, and many more.