Job Opportunities at Coffee Time – Canada

Coffee Time is one of the popular coffee shop chains of restaurants in Canada right now. First opened its doors in 1982. However, Chairman’s Brand Corporation purchased the brand in 2006, and are its official owner since then. Coffee Time is not just a coffee shop; it also serves Doughnuts, Bagels, Muffins, Soups, Sandwiches, Iced cappuccinos, and a wide variety of Ice-creams.

Company Status

The headquarter of Coffee Time is located in Scarborough, Ontario. So, if you have experience in managing a restaurant business or you are interested in corporate jobs, you should look for any vacancy there. Meanwhile, it is a franchise business, and there are over 100 outlets that you can find all around Canada. If you are young and dynamic, there are ample job opportunities that you can cash-in. There are vacancies both in part-time and full-time jobs. On average, a Coffee Time employee working in its retail outlets get roughly $14.5 per hour. So, the yearly salary package will revolve around $24,000. Meanwhile, some crew members also get cash incentives and tips from customers. On top of that, Coffee Time also offers some additional benefits. Alongside a decent insurance and pension plan, they also offer perks like free meals, employee discounts, flexible shifts, and many more.

Available Vacancies

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