Latest Job Opportunities at Walmart – Canada

Walmart Canada is a division of Walmart in canada. It was founded in 1994 by Woolco canada chain. At present Walmart canada has 408 stores with 343 supercentres and 65 discount centres. More than 2.4 million people shop daily at Walmart. It is one of the biggest chains of companies in various countries. In Canada solely, it provides the largest employment covering about 90,000 people. The accessibility of these stores is so much that you can find aWalmart store within 10 mins of your household. So, in all there are many job opportunities at Walmart and also you can find a decent job near your place too.

Job Benefits

There are a number of posts available for all different streams of people to find a job. Some of them being store standard associates, people greeter, store manager, cashier, food associate and many. The list can go on and on. But apart from the salary structure and the jobs available at Walmart, they also provide the employees with several benefits like healthcare, retirement, maternity, adoption. Let’s discuss some of them.

Educational Benefits

Walmart offers its associates to gain highly professional and skilled degrees in business and supply chain management at $1 per day. Rest of the costs are borne by the company. It even offers benefits for GED, language training, high school completion and even professional development.

Healthcare and Insurance Plans

Walmart has a history of benefits when it comes to healthcare. The employees are offered medical plans starting at $26 per pay period. You are also eligible for various dental and vision care plans. Employees also get free access to health care advisors. Employees also get free counselling and healthcare information. Even you get treatment for heart procedures, of hip and knee replacement and even lung and colorectal cancer like expensive diseases for free.


In case of maternity leave youtube 10weeks of paid leaves. Even you can use the parental benefit provided by the company to extend this period to 16 weeks of paid leaves.


The benefit is to support the new parents to help them spend time with their child. It consists of 6 weeks of paid leave. Also your job security remains intact. Only condition being that the leave period must be continuous. They can make use of their benefit between any time in 12 months from the birth of the child. During the period you will get 100% of your pay based on average weekly wages.


If any employee wants to adopt a child the company pays him up to $5,000, for taking care of the expenses related to adoption of the new family member. There is a limit of annual maximum of $10,000 and lifetime of $20,000. Under this benefit, the expenses included are application fees, agency fees, legal fees and court costs. Other expenses like immigration, immunization and translation fees are also covered. Even you get parent-child and family counselling also covered under this benefit.

So, these were a wide range of benefits covered by Walmart Canada for the well being of its employers/associates.

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